Test Review

Semester Exam Review

Semester exams are coming up! Everything you need to know to review for your Piano Lab exam is listed below: Semester exam review Music history notes Quiz: 2nd and 3rds Theory: Identify 4ths and 5ths Theory:¬†Identify Intervals Game: Speed Note Reading Notes on the Staff    


April 17-21

This week’s lesson plans will be the same as last week, so that we will have extra time to work on recital pieces. On Tuesday we will review for a music history/vocabulary quiz on THURSDAY! This will be over the information on your Franz Schubert handout. Please study your notes! Week at a Glance: Monday:… Read More April 17-21


April 10-14

This is a short week. We will grade on Thursday since there is no school on Friday. Your benchmark piece this week will be the first page of your recital piece. Practice your lesson material, but spend the majority of your time on your recital piece. LISTEN TO THE RECORDING! Level 1A This Week’s Objectives:… Read More April 10-14


March 27-31

This week’s schedule is slightly different, due to our testing schedule. Assignments are shorter than usual and there will be NO benchmark this week! Level 1A This Week’s Objectives: Review: C Pentascale Octave Sign Imitation What to practice: Technique: C Major Pentascale (5 finger pattern) Lesson book p.¬†56, 57, & 58 Optional: Play from red… Read More March 27-31